Founders, Host Publications

Founded by husband and wife Joe W. Bratcher, III and Elzbieta Szoka, Host Publications grew from a desire to give a voice to prominent international authors that were not recognized in the United States. Upon completing their PhD's at the University of Texas at Austin (his in English Literature, hers in Brazilian drama), Joe and Elzbieta embarked on a new project and founded HOST Publications. Determined to publish notable writers from across the globe, Joe and Elzbieta's commitment to identifying and sharing the best in unique international literature is unparalleled in the field.

Joe received his Bachelors degree in philosophy from Tulane University in New Orleans, and a Masters degree in English at the University of Texas at Austin. Elzbieta is the author of A Semiotic Approach to Three Plays by Plínio Marcos as well as numerous articles on Brazilian literature and theater. She also translated Two Lost in A Filthy Night for Host's very first title, Three Contemporary Brazilian Plays, and edited Host's Fourteen Female Voices from Brazil.

Joe and Elzbieta currently live in New York and Austin with their children Adam and Ian.