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3 Three Contemporary Brazilian Plays
Plínio Marcos, Leilah Assunção, Consuelo de Castro

After-Dinner Declarations
Nicanor Parra

Ambers Aglow
An Anthology of Contemporary Polish Women's Poetry

Ashes in Love
Oscar Hahn

Novica Tadić

Awaiting the Green Morning
Maria Rosa Lojo

Dave Oliphant

Mutombo Nkulu-N'Sengha

Between Dawn and the Wind
Anna Frajlich

Burkah and other stories
Layle Silbert

Burning Cartography
Noni Benegas

Bye, Bye Soccer
Edilberto Coutinho

Astrid Cabral

The Curse of Eve and Other Stories
Liliana Blum

Jean Follain

The Dirty Goat
Arts Journal

Jacques Réda

The Faithful Lover
Massimo Bontempelli

Fifty Odes
Pablo Neruda

Figures of Speech
Enrique Lihn

The Five Seasons of Love
João Almino

Fourteen Female Voices From Brazil
Edited by Elzbieta Szoka

from unwritten histories
Eugenijus Ališanka

Ghelderode: Three Plays
Michel de Ghelderode

The Hasty Papers
Edited and compiled by Alfred Leslie

Homenagem a Alexandrino Severino
Edited by Margo Milleret and Marshall C. Eakin

Indian Tango
Ananda Devi

Life As It Is
Nelson Rodrigues

Looking for the Horse Latitudes
Miguel Gonzalez-Gerth

Love Hound
Oliver Welden

Lunatics, Lovers, Poets, Vets & Bargirls
Gerald Nicosia

A Man and His Shadow
Affonso Romano de Sant'Anna

Memories of Texas Towns and Cities
Dave Oliphant

Natural Selection
Enrique Fierro

The Old Man's Verses
Ivan Diviš

Only in the Meantime & Office Poems
Mario Benedetti

Over Autumn Rooftops
Hai Zi

The Poems of Vikram Babu
Jesús Aguado

Ponciá Vicencio
Conceiçáo Evaristo

Potato Tree
James Sallis

Reason Enough
Ida Vitale

Renata and other poems
Renata Pallottini

The Rest Is Jungle
Mario Benedetti

Return to Calm
Jacques Réda

Screen Door Jesus
Christopher Cook

Seven Views of the Same Landscape
Esther Tusquets

These Hands
Per Aage Brandt

Urszula Kozioł Poems
Urszula Kozioł

Voices from the Bitter Core
Ursula Krechel

With Everything We've Got
A Personal Anthology of Yiddish Poetry

Women and Clothes
Brigitte Kronauer

The Young Man from Savoy
C-F Ramuz

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