The Five Seasons of Love

a novel by João Almino
translated by Elizabeth Jackson

8.5" x 5.5"
156 pages

Praise for João Almino and The Five Seasons of Love:

I await each book by João Almino with the certainty of finding an intelligent surprise in its pages. And I never cease to be amazed. He is virtually a unique narrator, who knows how to transmit profound ideas without letting them steal life from the substance of his stories..."

– Alberto Ruy-Sanchez

If Brasilia's rock was the work of a generation, Brasilia's fiction is the work of a single man: the writer João Almino.

– Carlos Graieb, Veja Magazine

This is a novel of novels, a novel about love and its different seasons, about friendship and its complicities, but also a political novel—both in the sense that 'what is personal is political' and in the sense that it speaks, in a subtle and sober way, about the stages of repression and silencing, of fear and disappearances.

– Sandra Lorenzano, Professor of Literature and Argentinean literary critic

A book that is funny, malicious, creative, full of formal innovations and intellectually young. In short a contemporary novel.

– Ledo Ivo

João Almino produces a text that is destined to last. It would be difficult for a reader not to like this book. Intelligent, biting and lyrical...

– Haquira Osakabe, Professor of Literary Theory at the University of Campinas UNICAMP

In The Five Seasons of Love, acclaimed Brazilian writer João Almino presents a compelling and sympathetic portrait of a woman whose life has not turned out as she anticipated, and whose once audacious dreams have been replaced by half-truths, failures, and frustration. To fulfill a pact made during her student days, fifty-five-year-old Ana Kauffman plans a party to celebrate the new millennium. As old friends resurface and the countdown to the new century draws near, Ana's past undergoes a series of unexpected revisions—beginning with the arrival of Berta, the newly minted post-op persona of Ana's former boyfriend Norberto. Set amidst the chaos of contemporary Brasilia, a place where even the most basic human affairs—love, friendship, sex, and work—can take unlikely shapes, Ana's story is both relentlessly modern and profoundly timeless. Winner of the Casa de las Americas 2003 Literary Award, The Five Seasons of Love is an extraordinary novel by a writer at the height of his powers.

Author's website: http://www.joaoalmino.com/

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