poetry from Brazil by Astrid Cabral
translated by Alexis Levitin

8.5" x 5.5"
91 pages

Praise for Cage:

I am so glad that Astrid Cabral's work has been brought together in one volume in Alexis Levitin's keen and knowing translation. Cabral has that wonderful variety that so many Brazilian poets have as she links together the motley threads of contemporary poetry in Brazil. Of particular interest are her descriptions of the creatures and plants of her native Amazonia, a region in need of the lyrical insight and home-grown sensibility shown here. Her work shows a marvelous range from traditional imagism to near concretism as she explores the Brazilian poetic panorama.

– Gregory Rabassa, translator, National Medal of Arts recipient

In this first-ever bilingual edition of Cage, eminent Brazilian poet Astrid Cabral is an insightful and irreverent guide to the natural world, leading the beguiled reader through landscapes of rare and surprising beauty. From serpents to seahorses, and from the wilds of the Amazon to the orderly realm of suburbia, these poems urge us to consider our surroundings with empathy and attentiveness. Cabral's complex, multifaceted verse glints with compressed energy, offering a densely layered vision in which simplicity is deceptive and conclusions are likely to be double-edged. A poet of considerable imaginative gifts and metaphysical flair, Astrid Cabral has produced a work of cauterizing beauty. In this perfectly orchestrated volume, each poem enriches and expands the poems that surround it.

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