Between Dawn and the Wind, 2nd Edition

poetry by Anna Frajlich
translated by Regina Grol

8.5" x 5.5"
143 pages

Dubbed "the best Polish poetess of her generation," Anna Frajlich has developed an extensive body of work, which reflects her struggles and triumphs as a woman, immigrant and Polish ex-patriot. Part of the 1968 Jewish exodus from Poland, Frajlich has infused her poems with sensitive and penetrating notations of changing attitudes toward emigration. She has gone through life recording her insights, reflections or moods and has miraculously found terse and unpretentious artistic forms for their expression. This second edition contains several recent poems not included in the original version and it is clear that Frajlich's poetry continues to speak to our hearts and minds.

Sensitivity is Anna Frajlich's poetic domain. Sensitivity toward the beauty of the world, toward seasons, toward the landscape...Two realms overlap in her poetry: the realm of eros and the realm of memory. In the interpenetration of these two voices, in the vibrating tissue of her poems Anna from Brooklyn is a poetess of exile. And that comprises Frajlich's unique, inimitable and personal sphere of sensibility.

– Jan Kott

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