Fourteen Female Voices from Brazil

edited by Elzbieta Szoka

8.5" x 5.5"
309 pages

This fascinating introduction to Brazilian culture includes interviews with 14 of Brazil's most prominent writers along with excerpts of their work. Containing 11 stories, 3 plays, and 19 poems, 14 Female Voices From Brazil opens the door to 14 unique perspectives on life, art and love. After answering the same ten questions, each author presents the reader with a poem, play or story that she feels embodies the essence her work. Whether trapped in a dead end marriage or the terrible beauty of a favela, reflecting on transvestites at the Hilton or learning to finally say the absolute "no," this volume contains 14 life studies by 14 brilliant women. From Brazil's early groundbreaking feminists to the newly emerging voice of young Afro-Brazilians, 14 Female Voices From Brazil brings English speakers a tantalizing slice of Brazilian cultural life.

Included in this anthology are Nélida Piñon, Lygia Fagundes Telles, Helena Parente Cunha, Astrid Cabral, Marly de Oliveira, Jandira Martini, Leilah Assumpção, Maria Adelaide Amaral, Myriam Campello, Sonia Coutinho, Esmerelda Ribeiro, Miriam Alves, Conceição Evaristo & Renata Pallottini.

From a nation of significant cultural, social, and racial diversity, Szoka uses the female experience to present a selection of works that is cohesive despite obvious differences. Szoka may be defining a new literary movement of Brazilian women.

– ForeWord

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