The Hasty Papers

edited by Alfred Leslie

11" x 14.5"
255 pages

This expanded version of The Hasty Papers is a seamless vision of the literary, artistic, political and cultural concerns of the 20th century, concerns that still engage us today and lead us into the future.

This oversized archival edition (11" x 14½") includes nearly 400 photographs, drawings and paintings, along with 5 plays (Aristophanes, John Ashbery, Frank O'Hara, Terry Southern, Derek Walcott), 16 poems (Kenneth Koch's is 104 stanzas), Fidel Castro's famous 1960 United Nations speech (uncut), along with the complete United States response, a full length novel on hashish, an epistolary novel-of-sorts, an examination of the paintings of Hitler, Churchill and Eisenhower and more.

But one should suspect that this youthfulness, this call to the unspecified revolution, is what makes The Hasty Papers a terribly fascinating read in historical and artistic terms. So many geniuses, so many headlines are involved in the brainstorming and execution of the missive that it achieves a highly respectable authority in depicting not just one city or one group of thinkers, but a world and its troubles in a tiny and critical time—and with a smoke-flavored tongue kiss, at that.

– David Garza, The Austin Chronicle

Forty years on, it strikes me as an even more wonderful snapshot of a specific place and time in New York history.

– John Strausbaugh, New York Press

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