Looking for the Horse Latitudes

poetry by Miguel Gonzalez-Gerth

8.5" x 5.5"
159 pages

"Horse Latitudes" is a name given to the region 30° either side of the Equator, where subsiding dry air and high pressure results in weak winds and confused seas. Tradition states that sailors gave this region the name horse latitudes because ships traveling to the New World sometimes stalled in the calm waters and, fearful of running out of food and water, crews were forced to throw their horses overboard to save on provisions.

Looking for the Horse Latitudes is a stunning poetry collection from esteemed poet and translator Miguel Gonzalez-Gerth. Describing this bilingual volume as "a laboratory in which a very interesting experiment has been carried out," Gonzalez-Gerth writes in both Spanish and English and moves deftly between the two languages, creating a voice both cosmopolitan and intensely Latin American. These poems offer the reader a world of oceanic beauty, an enchanting seascape of mermaids and shipwrecks, sirens and seabirds. Playful and profound in turns, Looking for the Horse Latitudes is a welcome contribution to this outstanding poet's body of work, and an important addition to any poetry collection.

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