Indian Tango

a novel by Ananda Devi
translated by Jean Anderson

8.5" x 5.5"
178 pages

Praise for Ananda Devi & Indian Tango:

The work of Ananda Devi is both tragic and poetic. Haunted by the issues of exclusion, of otherness, deviance and suffering, it denounces the stifling climate of a society...it stands against any form of rejection and offers a genuine commitment...for the recognition of otherness.

– Véronique Bragard

Turning her back on the illusion of eternal youth, Devi focuses unflinchingly on that tipping point in life that only women can understand, since where sex is concerned men and women must forever remain "mutually unintelligible." Yes, here is a truly great writer, since when we finish Devi's book we are unlikely to know what has motivated her to write such a story, such a cry of protest. But its music, its powerful grip on the reader...give us a glimpse inside the cave where once a love-struck monk, under the spell of the dark angel of the imagination, succeeded in creating the miracle all artists dream of, reshaping reality according to his desires.

– Le Nouvel Observateur, J-M G. Le Clézio

Indian Tango is a hymn to female sensuality, to individual freedom, to understanding and companionship between sexes, cultures, religions.

– Livres Hebdo, Jean-Claude Perrier

Indian Tango, published in French in 2007, is set in Delhi in 2004, against a background of monsoon rains and the general election that would see Sonia Gandhi briefly head a coalition government. A visiting writer becomes obsessed by Subhadra, a woman glimpsed on the street, and as this unconventional relationship develops, the cost of pursuing passion and desire in a vibrant but deeply conservative society comes into sharp focus. A sometimes bitter, always moving meditation on the limitations placed on women's (and others') lives by convention builds inexorably to a powerful and stunning conclusion.


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