poetry by Urszula Kozioł
translated by Regina Grol

8.5" x 5.5"
109 pages

Using words, expressions, images and sounds from a variety of sources; popular magic, songs heard in her childhood, the music of Bach, everyday conversations and works of great philosophers, Uszula Kozioł established herself as one of the most important voices in Polish poetry. In an idiom similar to Paul Celan, Kozioł takes the reader into diverse and unique topics from the world of a snowflake to the life of Circe. She is a poet with the fine sensibility of our time who has embarked on the quest for the knowledge of reality, and comments on all aspects of that reality, including the precariousness of life, relationships and humankind's survival with intensity and intelligence. A bilingual collection every serious student of 20th century poetry should have on their shelf.

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