Lunatics, Lovers, Poets, Vets and Bar Girls

poetry by Gerald Nicosia

8.5" x 5.5"
65 pages

The witty, heartfelt and compassionate poems of Gerald Nicosia's first collection come alive in his extraordinary narrative style. Known for his seminal biography of Jack Kerouac, Memory Babe, and the most important work on Vietnam Veterans, Home to War, Nicosia evokes the spirit and vitality of the poets from the Beat Generation, yet he speaks with a voice all his own. Haunting and expressive illustrations by Jakub Kalousek are also included and capture Nicosia's intense imagery.

Very strong, clear-eyed, fine music, full throttle. Nicosia is a portrait painter, and a damn good one. At his best he evokes the vitality and spirit of the Beat masters. His voice is his own.

– Harold Norse

Gerald Nicosia, author of the celebrated and scintillating Kerouac Life, Memory Babe, now makes his own debut in poetry. He continues the Beat lineage in this funny, sentimental, playful, heartfelt, outrageous collection.

– Anne Waldman

Nicosia's first collection of poems is witty, heartfelt, deeply moving, and compassionate. Every poem comes alive in his wonderful narrative style. These poems not only entertain and give us hope, but the heal our hearts and teach us the preciousness of life lived at its fullest, with no regrets.

– Ron Kovic

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