Renata & Other Poems

poetry by Renata Pallottini
translated by K. David Jackson

8.5" x 5.5"
163 pages

Once I destroy some old system or routine I like to organize a new system so I can move forwards to something else. It is sort of organized anarchy.

– Renata Pallottini

Renata & other poems introduces readers to Renata Pallottini's world of "organized anarchy" in a stunning bilingual volume. Bringing the reader to an entirely new understanding of the personal and the political, Pallottini erases the artificial demarcation between the heart and the brain, between the real and the imaginary, between the sophisticated and the simple. While Pallottini is undoubtedly very Brazilian in her worldview and sensitivity, any so-called "cultural differences" do not play a role in a reader's perception of her work. Pallottini's poetry gives breath to the very essence of Brazilian life, indeed, of life in general.

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