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3 Contemporary Brazilian Plays

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Drama by Plínio Marcos, Leilah Assumpção, Consuelo de Castro
Translated by Elzbieta Szoka, Lydia Gouveia Marques & Celina Pinto

3 Contemporary Brazilian Plays reintroduces three of Brazil's most dynamic and gifted playwrights to the English-speaking audience.

Plínio Marcos' Two Lost in the Filthy Night shows language as the only possession of two paupers living in claustrophobic conditions. The vigorous outbursts of dialogue enclose the reader in a brutal game.

Leilah Assumpção, in Moist Lips, Quiet Passion, dramatizes the sexual life of a couple trying to achieve their Big Orgasm through a series of frustrating games. 

In Walking Papers by Conseulo de Castro, a man and a woman interact in fragmented situations bordering on insanity. The obsessive language and the nerve-racking rituals in the relationship reflect the dark shadows a marriage can fall into.

Here we have three of Brazil's most dexterous and resourceful theater craftsmen. Each is gravely concerned with the human condition, and each has the capacity to illuminate that condition in a sensitive and compelling manner. The translations are effective, the themes are of our time and place and the volume is most worthy for reader and producer alike.

– Gordon Peacock
Frank C. Erwin, Jr. Centennial Professor Emeritus in Drama
University of Texas at Austin


8.5" x 5.5"
476 pages

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