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I Scream Social Anthology Bundle

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A very special bundle for the feminist ice cream lover!
With this purchase you'll receive:

I Scream Social Volume 1 
+ I Scream Social Volume 2
+ a handmade I Scream Social pin by Tsz Kam 

These anthologies are drawn from the feminist reading series of the same name, each featuring poetry, prose, and drama by visionary women & nonbinary writers that have been featured artists on the series stage.

Volume 1:
The anthology includes a note from the editor's written by Schandra Madha, & Annar Veröld, an introduction by Kimberly Alidio, and cover art by Nat Bradford.

Featuring work by:
Kristin Anderson, Claire Bowman, Ellie Francis Douglass, Samantha Duncan, Rachel Segura Elliott, Marilyse V. Figueroa, Kendra Fortmeyer, Stephanie Goehring, Katrina Goudey, Meg E. Griffitts, Janalyn Guo, Sarah Hackley, Autumn Hayes, Julie Howd, Maggie Ilersich, Amanda Johnston, Julie Kantor, Katelin Kelly, Jenny Keto, Taisia Kitaiskaia, Laura Kraay, Heather Lefebvre, Veronica Martin, Tiffany Mendoza, S. A. Newsom, Diana Khoi Nguyen, Tú-Uyên Nguyễn, Jenna Martin Opperman, mónica teresa ortiz, Aza Pace, Paz Pardo, Blake Lee Pate, Julie Poole, Layne Ransom, A. R. Rogers, Natalie D. Ruiz, Micah Ruelle, Molly Schulman, Alana Torrez, Jessie Torrisi, Leticia Urieta, Melanie Westerberg, Allyson Whipple, Jess Wolford, and Danielle Zaccagnino  

Volume 2:
The anthology includes a note from the editor's written by Claire Bowman, Schandra Madha, & Annar Veröld, an introduction by mónica teresa ortiz, and cover art by Tsz Kam.

Featuring work by:
Kimberly Alidio, Sarah Renee Beach, Celia Bell, Maryan Nagy Captan, Claudia Delfina Cardona, Bev Chukwu, Elizabeth Clausen, Nicole Cortichiato, Maris Finn, Kendra Fortmeyer, Annelyse Gelman, Rachel Gray, Vivé Griffith, Meg E. Griffitts, Janalyn Guo, Jessica Hincapie, Vanessa Couto Johnson, Keona, KB, Taisia Kitaiskaia, Katherine Lamb, Kat Lewis, Meaghan Loraas, Aimée Mackovic, Lisa L. Moore, Desiree Morales, Aneesa Needel, Jourden V. Sander, Amanda Scott, Lily Someson, Citlalli Soto-Ferate, Itzel Soto-Ferate, Alana Torrez, Kelsey Williams 

Electric Literature: How to Create a Feminist Reading Series Where Everyone Gets Ice Cream

Conflict of Interest ATX: Value in the Things We Love, Celebrating 3 Years of I Scream Social 

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