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Ms. Juvenal by Estelle Gilson

Product image 1Ms. Juvenal by Estelle Gilson
Product image 2Ms. Juvenal by Estelle Gilson
Product image 3Ms. Juvenal by Estelle Gilson

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Ms. Juvenal is the curmudgeon's curmudgeon. Close to 2,000 years ago the poet Juvenal gave Rome a roasting in a series of satires; Samuel Johnson thought London deserved the same treatment in the 18th century; and now in our millennial age Estelle Gilson has written three scathing satires about modern life. Unwind, relax, and read about how bad things really are. Eminent classicist Gilbert Highet called these paraphrases vigorous and compelling . Read them yourselves and you will agree. Read them and weep.


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