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from The Water [Inaudible] by Stephanie Goehring

Product image 1from The Water [Inaudible] by Stephanie Goehring
Product image 2from The Water [Inaudible] by Stephanie Goehring

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Winner of the Fall 2019 Host Publications Chapbook Prize

In this excerpt from her book-length poem, The Water [Inaudible], Goehring gives voice to the voiceless. These poetic sequences exist within an eerie fog-filled forest, a crime scene in the mind of a young girl. They speak from the fluid nature of the girl's traumatic experience and society's forced repression of that experience, as she moves in and out of visibility from the thick haze. The Water [Inaudible] resists the structures of power that extinguish the stories of victims with an incantation, blending the languages of the unconscious mind, of the legal system, and the watery realm of memory. 

excerpt from The Water [Inaudible]:

"the fog the girl emerges

from her fault to gauge

the day rigged for her

failure I undress in"

Stephanie Goehring earned an MFA in poetry from the Iowa Writers' Workshop and is the author of several poetry chapbooks. She works as a freelance copy editor and as a bookseller at Malvern Books in Austin, TX.

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