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With Everything We've Got: A Personal Anthology of Yiddish Poetry

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Translator and poet Richard J. Fein introduces English-speaking audiences to the voices of fifteen acclaimed Yiddish poets. This rare and outstanding collection of poems offers nuanced experiments in form, thoughtful meditations on the fate of the Yiddish language, and reflections on a diverse range of themes and concerns, from the joys and hardships of immigrant life in America, to the alienation of workers in the modern metropolis.

With Everything We've Got is a wholly enjoyable and diverse anthology of Yiddish poetry, and a comprehensive introduction to an essential chapter in the story of Judaism.

Including poetry from: B. Alkvit-Blum, Jacob Glatstein, Uri Zvi Greenberg, Moyshe-Leyb Halpern, Izi Kharik, Moyshe Kulbak, H. Leivick, Mani Leyb, Itzik Manger, Anna Margolin, Perets Markish, Itshe Slutski, Abo Stolzenberg, Abraham Sutzkever & Aaron Zeitlin

"A valuable book: an anthology of notable poems documenting one of the significant, and very painful, experiences of recent human history."

– Thomas Kinsella


Bilingual Yiddish/English
9" x 6"
218 pages

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