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The Host Publications Chapbook Prize

About the Host Publications Chapbook Prize:

The Host Publications Chapbook Prize awards women writers with publication, $1000, 25 copies of the published chapbook, a book launch at Malvern Books, and national distribution with energetic publicity and promotion by our dedicated staff.

We are proud to announce the second recipient of the Host Publications Chapbook Prize is Stephanie Goehring. Her forthcoming chapbook will be published October 2019.

Previous recipient:
mónica teresa ortiz, autobiography of a semiromantic anarchist

Submissions for Host Publications Chapbook Prize

Information about submitting work for the Host Publications Chapbook Prize 2020 will be announced in December 2019. Best way to stay in touch is to follow us on social media or subscribe to our monthly newsletter.

At this time, Host Publications cannot accept unsolicited manuscripts. Our small staff is dedicated and focused on publishing books, and cannot properly assess unsolicited work with the attention it deserves.

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