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Little Girl Blue: Poems by Sequoia Maner

Product image 1Little Girl Blue: Poems by Sequoia Maner
Product image 2Little Girl Blue: Poems by Sequoia Maner
Product image 3Little Girl Blue: Poems by Sequoia Maner
Product image 4Little Girl Blue: Poems by Sequoia Maner
Product image 5Little Girl Blue: Poems by Sequoia Maner
Product image 6Little Girl Blue: Poems by Sequoia Maner
Product image 7Little Girl Blue: Poems by Sequoia Maner
Product image 8Little Girl Blue: Poems by Sequoia Maner

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Winner of the Fall 2021 Host Publications Chapbook Prize

Featuring an introduction by Amanda Johnston.

Little Girl Blue: Poems is a collection of elegiac poems that conjures a tapestry of Black voices from history, the victims and the heroes who have helped us see ourselves and the world more truthfully. In these poems, we are not only called to witness injustice, but to hold space for what blooms from it: a confrontation full of exile and longing, an unshakable sense of joy that defies even death. 

This work is a powerful and unique blending of history, memory, and music—as Amanda Johnston says in her introduction to this collection, “As painful as it is to revisit the trauma of such grotesque human realities, Sequoia guides us through our bodies and reminds us we are here to do much more than die. We are here to discover our unique sensual selves through self-discovery and creation.” 

"Little Girl Blue (A Prelude)" from Little Girl Blue: Poems: 

Little girl blue, you blewed your horn of
          mourning & warning into whirlwind &
                  pollen-squalls. You asked_________where we gon' get
                     clean? The lake or the stream? In the break
                          or the dream? Or somewhere, someplace,
                              in between?

Little girl blue, you traded your horn for cry
           but when you hailed into the gales,
             only a small, faint sigh, & two white doves cooing
               My, oh my

Hey blue girl!     girl blue!

                       What you gon’ do?

       It’s comin.


Sequoia Maner is an Assistant Professor of African American Literature at Spelman College. She is a co-editor of the critical-creative book Revisiting the Elegy in the Black Lives Matter Era (Routledge, 2020) and at work on a forthcoming book regarding Kendrick Lamar's album To Pimp a Butterfly for the 33 1/3 series (Bloomsbury). Her writing has been published in Auburn AvenueThe Feminist Wire, Meridians, Obsidian, The Langston Hughes Review, and other venues."

 The Little Girl Blue: Poems Playlist, curated by Sequoia Maner



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48 pages
ISBN: 978-1-7376050-0-3
ISBN short: 1-7376050-0-7

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