✨Autobiography of a semiromantic now available for free download✨

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desde abajo by mónica teresa ortiz

autobiography of a semiromantic anarchist is now available for free download. Here is a note by author mónica teres...

Announcing Fall 2020 Chapbook Prize Winner: Claudia Delfina Cardona

The Host Publications team is honored to announce Claudia Delfina Cardona and her manuscript What Remains as the winn...

The Host Dispatch: Poetry for Quarantimes

In "Poetry for Quarantimes," Host editors Claire and Annar engage in a friendly conversation about their experience d...

You Are Not Alone: A Reading List for May Day, Solidarity & Liberation by mónica teresa ortiz

mónica teresa ortiz, author of autobiography of a semiromantic anarchist brings us the final recommended books list f...

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